Our passion is to inspire women to take ‘me time‘ moments in their day to reconnect.

With our demanding lifestyles and the increasing rates of depression and anxiety, we all need reminding to take moments of ‘time out’ everyday. Our focus is on a grounded and balanced life and to stay away from the obsession of fat/skinny, healthy/unhealthy – outside appearance discussions.

Whilst our focus is to look after ourselves, we encourage others to reach out to their friends and family with support and love to encourage their ‘me’ time.

Our message is simple and can be achieved no matter where your journey is at – affordable everyday luxury.

Allegra’s Mission

To supply good quality beauty products at an affordable price to women via online shops, beauty salons and unique gift shops. We aim to inspire women to indulge in everyday luxury and align the business with charity organisations promoting inner beauty of women.

Allegra’s products

Our range of body lotion, hand and nail cream, hand wash, body wash, and body mist features an utterly sensual selection of hand-picked Eau de Parfum based fragrances. These fragrances have been designed for the Australian women from the finest natural Australian ingredients.

Our products act as a tool to enable women to have that moment of everyday luxury without adding an extra time to their lives. For example- putting on our hand and nail cream rubbing their hands together and taking some deep breathes at the same time encourages this ‘feeling’.

Allegra’s core values:


We do the right thing for the right reasons. We are accountable and take responsibility for your own actions. We build on our relationships with open and honest communication and respect above all else our individual skills and personalities.


We inspire each other to build ideas to make the world a better place. This company is a tool to enable that. Our passion to see our customers be inspired to make changes for a brighter and calmer future it what drives us. We build and promote what you are passion about. With passion and purpose, our business will not grow.


We live out a balanced life, prioritizing family and other passions before business requirements.


We produce the highest quality products and value customer service that emanates a caring,enjoying and everyday indulging emotion. We keep it simple – to promote individuals to feel what they need to feel to create their own everyday luxury.

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