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In the suspense thriller shallows while Nancy (Blake Lively) is using a secluded beach, it ends up feeding ground of the great white shark. Although it ran aground just 200 yards from the beach, life is the best test of wills requiring all Nancys resourcefulness, ingenuity and courage.
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The s oacute; 200 yards from shore, Nancy surfer was attacked by a large shark oacute; n white, with s uacute the short journey to salvation oacute; n and became the final contest of wills.

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Users review: The first I did not know what to expect from the film, as it has been so difficult to take shark movies seriously, but shallow water not only surprised me, it was the best shark movie since Jaws and honest the best feature ever created! In just 85 minutes, this film will definitely make the most of the run-time and his 17 million dollar budget and delivers a tense, gripping, stress-inducing movie you constantly stay on the edge of your seat . Blake Lively is on its way to the star, while his bear all this film and be able to act without speaking, that is intensely difficult to do. you care about him and want to live his character. The film is intense pain and the Director is entitled to all the credit for making a movie that honestly should not work and it is a classic in genre.The sharks is absolutely awful and the way Live so not only will face off against the sharks, but how he was able to make the most of his situation, while poor preparation is not only smart, but credible. The story is simple, straight forward, credible and thus actually produced, exported stylish, and not a single scene chaotic. Director Jaume Serra Collet- will not be a problem landing a future big budget Hollywood blockbuster and Blake Lively will find himself in as soon as the leading lady yet often.The shallow water is the biggest surprise of the year, with gripping tension, a racing success Blake Lively, beautiful scenery, an incredible tale of will and survival, and a big, mean, scary sharks, shallow waters is a summer movie that you do not want to miss! 9 out of 10
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Year: 2016
Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Starring: Blake Lively, Óscar Jaenada, Angelo Jose